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5 things to spend your money on in Mumbai

Mumbai is not only the favorite point of people of India while it is one of the most famed tourist places for foreigner tourists. This historic city is known for its glory from the ancient time. But, in the current time it is identified as the main entertainment point of India. Bollywood and modelling industry of Mumbai makes it the entertainment capital of India. But, limited amount of money is always a big problem for all tourists so they spend their money very wisely on selected items, places or services. But, if we are visiting any city, we must visit the main attraction of that city or enjoy the specialty of that city.

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Things are the same for Mumbai. Any amount of money is less if you want to enjoy every single thing of Mumbai as a tourist. But, here are the few things that we must spend on if we are visiting Mumbai.

  1. Sightseeing – Historic, modern and religious as well
  2. Erotic Beaches
  3. Mumbai Escorts Services
  4. Discotheques and Bars
  5. Eating Point or restaurants

Purpose of visiting Mumbai may be different, but these are things we must spend our money on to enjoy our trip to Mumbai at full. Visiting island through boats and ships are also main attraction of Mumbai. We should enjoy all of these, but keeping in mind about our budget.

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